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For Chiropractic Professionals

It’s not merely a cliche: Content is king.

And you know it…

No matter how much you try to fight the tide. 🙂


Using peer-reviewed, evidence-based research, on a consistent basis, can change the way you’re viewed as a professional.

  • It builds trust with clients
  • It establishes authority in your field
  • It sets you apart as a practitioner

The problem is….

Time and resources limit your access to such data.

Your Solution

But imagine, for a moment….

  • Receiving a high-quality, professionally-produced, evidence-based article in your email box each and every week.
  • Being free to use this “as is,” or to spin it into a larger piece—one co-authored by you.

In other words, imagine having a powerful professional ally, whose sole intent is to provide you with a tool that can skyrocket your website, social media, email, and even in-office engagement.

We offer such a service.

“Evidence-based [content] is so important for the future of our profession, and it leaves the door wide open to pass medical doctors as we demonstrate that we can help.”

– Dr. Bill Gallagher, D.C., and Director of Education at the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries

What We Do

Through our Premium Content Service, we produce weekly content for chiropractors.

Our Research Services:

  • Weekly Premium Content Service

Modalities We Currently Service:

  • Chiropractic Care

We research it. We vet it. We interpret it. We write it.

And we email this content to you every Sunday evening.

You can then:

  • Use the piece as is, for a stand-alone, easy-to-read article geared toward current and potential clients.
  • Or even co-author this easy-to-understand article, and further establish yourself as a local, industry expert!

Prime Content

Current research. Recent research. Historic research.

Grade AAA content.

Week…after week…after week. Like clockwork.

Sounds both delicious and prosperous, doesn’t it? 🙂

“If we use the research and work within our knowledge, skills, and competencies, the streets are paved with gold.”

– Prof. Jan Hartvigsen, 2017 World Federation of Chiropractic Honor Award recipient.

How It Works

During a typical month, you’ll receive articles/synopses based on:

  • One current study (past 90 days)
  • Two recent studies (past 36 months)
  • One historical study (past 30 years)

We email your articles every Sunday evening. You’ll also have access to a website repository, where all past articles are stored, for easy recall and reference.

How Can You Use This Service?

How about:

  • As blog posts
  • As newsletter articles
  • On your social media channels
  • For guest posts
  • For in-office/in-store literature
  • As part of an information product

Use your Premium Seed Service article “as is.” Or, spin that article into a “co-authored” piece.

Then post that piece to your blog. Or share it on Facebook. Or Twitter.

Or include it in your weekly email newsletter. Or print it out and give it to in-shop clients. Or post it to an industry blog. Or include it in an info product. Or…

The choice is yours.

And the possibilities are limitless.

“I really like the Longevity Times articles I receive weekly.  I’m a chiropractor and I run two offices, on my own. So I’m busy!  I just don’t have time to write articles on a weekly basis, like I should. And the Premium Content Service helps me save a lot of time, while it helps me educate my clients and get great information to them.  I also like how reasonable their prices are.”

– Dr. Pete Ahlers-Nelson, D.C., Pete’s Chiropractic, Northfield, MN

A Powerful Opportunity


The Longevity Times Premium Content Service is a Done-For-You offering. With this service, you receive a full-length, evidence-based, easy-to-read article (F-K score of 9.0 or less) each week. The piece measures 235 words or more. It’s researched by expert researchers and written by professional writers. Each article includes the journal title and a hyperlinked study citation.

These are complete, “fleshed out” articles that provide easy-to-understand content for your clients…

And your potential clients.

This is a complete DFY solution.

And it has the potential to make you into a local rock star; no other chiropractor or acupuncturist in your Practice Area (PA) can touch the content you’ll put out on a weekly basis!x

See sample of Premium Content Service article here.

What do you get in the Premium Content Service?
  • One full article per week (235 words or more)
  • Deciphered by expert researchers
  • Written by professional writers
  • Written in easy-to-understand “layman terms”
  • Emailed to you every Sunday evening
  • Access to a website repository that includes every Premium Seed Service article we put out in your particular modality

PLUS Two Free Bonuses!

Bonus 1: The Longevity Times Monthly Podcast. This is a professionally written, recorded, and edited podcast that reviews four intriguing studies that appeal to those that follow and practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Each month, a simple short code is emailed to you. All you need to do is paste it into a web page and presto! It couldn’t be easier. (A $19 per month value!)

Bonus #2: The LT Monthly Infographic. Every month, we supply you with a professional, informative, and attractive infographic—one that’s sure to entice any person with an interest in practicing a CAM lifestyle. (A $9 per month value!)

That’s six pieces of professionally-produce, ready-to-use, easy-to-understand content per month!

All for one low price.

Rules of Using The Longevity Times Premium Content Service:
  • You can use the existing piece “as is.”
  • You can parse the article in whatever manner you want, as long as it takes nothing written by our authors out of context.
  • You can add your own voice and content to the piece.
  • You can re-title the article.
  • You can add your own promotional links and images.
  • You can share the content anywhere.
  • We protect your local Practice Area.

You can do all of that…as long as you always attribute the finished piece to the original author via the byline, at least in a “co-authorship” fashion.

Protected Geographical Region

It must also be noted that, with the Premium Content Service, we protect your Practice Area. No one else in your town or township or suburb or urban neighborhood will have this content.

No one!

Therefore, there’s no risk of overlap.

Instead, you look like the savviest and most informed practitioner on your block…

Because you have the good contentthe stuff composed by experts!

And Don’t Forget…

When subscribing to the Longevity Times Premium Content Service, you’ll also receive access to a member’s repository on this website, where all recaps and articles are archived…just in case you misplace one or would like to reissue an earlier piece.

Kinda cool, huh?

Sample Content

What’s the actual content itself look like?

Again, have a look for yourself. Check out a sample piece from each service here.

14-Day Free Trial

What could be even more enticing than all the wonderful features listed above?

How about a free test drive?!

Subscribe today and enjoy a 14-day Free Trial! If you just don’t think the service is for you after those two articles, unsubscribe and you never have to receive another.

That’s a risk-free proposition. 🙂

Get started today!

Just subscribe below and get started churning out fantastic content today!

Premium Content Service: Just $39/month

One full article sent via email per week (that’s four per month!)—with the right to co-author such piece. Plus, access to a repository of all past Premium Content Service articles. Plus two free bonuses! Double-Plus a 14-day free trial!


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Once you subscribe to the Longevity Times Premium Content Service, you’ll receive each week’s piece via email, every Sunday evening.

You’ll also receive via email, in just a few days, a username and password for the Premium Content Service’s online repository, which houses every one of the Service’s pieces ever written.

Reminder: We only market these services to local practitioners; that’s the entire point of these services. As well, we keep a keen eye on where our clients are coming from, and we protect their specific Practice Area. Thus, there’s little to no chance your content will ever overlap that of another practitioner in your specific Practice Area.

Until next time…

Be well.


Nelson Pahl
Managing Editor
Longevity Times